I'm currently on a mission to renovate my workspace! My former desk was my grandma's old mahogany sewing table, which was one-of-a-kind, nostalgic, and totally impractical for long hours of computer work. Last week, I picked out a new ensemble from IKEA: the Linnmon table top with the Alex drawers on one side and two Adils legs on the other. It was cheap and easy to assemble, and there's plenty of space to strew books, notes, and papers everywhere, in my typical fashion... don't let the blank space fool you.

For workspace inspiration, I recommend this article about writers' workspaces and this collection of famous creatives' workspaces. I've always been curious to know about other people's working habits and environments, and these photographs are revealing glimpses into how aesthetics, organization, comfort, and sentimentality matter (or don't) in places where creative magic happens. For now, my workspace necessities are a bright task lamp (the Ranarp lamp, also from IKEA), an object of curiosity (zebra cactus), and good speakers (not pictured, but these ones are excellent and affordable). I plan to make the wall space above the desk into a sort of fluctuating mood board. Also dreaming of the day when I can line a study with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves (c.f. Beauty and the Beast)... 

What are your workspace essentials?