The Wardrobe Edit: Season 1


About three months ago, I cleared out my closet and decided to change my shopping habits. From that point forward, I would buy fewer, better-quality clothing and end up with a minimal wardrobe of classic, versatile, and well-constructed pieces. Here's a little update on how the wardrobe edit has gone so far.

My modus operandi is the 5 Piece Wardrobe method, which I tailored to my own needs. Strictly speaking, 5 Piece Wardrobe means purchasing just five items per fashion season (spring/summer = season one, autumn/winter = season two) in addition to your basics. But, because my wardrobe needed significant replenishing, I'm considering each season three months long. The trade-off is that I'm strict about what I include in the five items and what I consider a basic. The five items extend to anything wearable: accessories (shoes, jewellery, etc., outside of a few basics) count.

Over the past three months (March, April, May), I purchased:

1. Slouchy Grey Sweater
2. Lightweight Spring Parka
3. "Gizeh" Birkenstocks
4. Chambray Buttondown
5. "The Rocket" Jeans

Perhaps a couple of these could be basics, but I limited my "free-pass" basics this season to: t-shirts in neutral colors and a pair of black ballet flats.

My new shopping strategy means picking quality over quantity, sticking to a plan, and resisting the urge to impulse-buy. My plan for the five items changed a few times, but in the end I was extremely happy with the items I purchased. (Also, by some miracle, there's color in my wardrobe!) I did have some moments of temptation: recently I wanted to cheat on my 5 Piece Wardrobe resolution in order to buy this, these, and this. The advantages of shopping this way? I only buy things I know I'll wear for the long-term, I think more about constructing outfits when I go shopping, and I feel truly satisfied when I add an item to my closet. As I continue building a solid wardrobe, I hope to purchase fewer items each season and become more informed about where my clothing comes from.

So now we switch seasons: onto warmer, no-coats-required weather and the hunt for the perfect day-to-night skirt. What have you been wearing lately?