Summer Reading List

After combing through a few dusty bookshelves, I've compiled part one of my summer reading list. Some of these titles have been on my reading list for a long time; now they're lined up on my desk looking all primary-color-coordinated (unintentional) and tempting on this dreary, drizzling day. 

The Picture of Dorian Gray | Oscar Wilde
Daily Rituals | ed. Mason Currey
Epistles | Seneca
Why Teach? | Mark Edmundson
Interpreter of Maladies | Jhumpa Lahiri
Life After Life | Kate Atkinson

Only one of these books is familiar turf: Seneca's Epistles are a re-re-re-read (I wrote a somewhat torturous thesis on them), but they're so important to me and I want to keep them fresh in my mind. Daily Rituals is all about the routines, habits, compulsions, and vices of renowned creatives throughout the centuries. I'm hoping that Why Teach? will shed light upon some of the questions I've been asked (and asking) about the value of the liberal arts. And three works of fiction: Pulitzer-prize winning short stories, a classic full of Faustian horrors, and a novel that hit the shelves last year. 

Now taking suggestions for part two of this list... what are you reading lately?