From my bookmarks folder to you: some of the links that have inspired and enlightened me over the past couple of weeks. There's a quotation by Shelby Foote that sums up exactly how I feel as I compile a list like this: "I can't begin to tell you the things I discovered while I was looking for something else." (Also applicable in grocery stores, travels, searching for my favorite nude lipstick.)

Painter Lily Stockman's blog Big Bang, which I want to read from metaphorical cover to cover.
Faking cultural literacy in the age of social media.
A collection of Sunday routines
Akiko's coconut chia pudding.
David Macaulay on the long process of drafting a book.
For fellow bloggers: the frustrations of monetization and traffic.
Tamsin's review of The Wind Rises, which I've added to my long list of movies to watch.
Coming soon to HBO.
"Holla, you clown!" and other Shakespearean hip-hop lines.
I took the Jungian/Briggs-Myers personality test... I'm INFJ! What's yours?
And, 100 more good reads

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