In Season: Peonies and Lip Whip

kari-gran-lip-whip-radiant-orchid-1 (1).jpg
kari-gran-lip-whip-radiant-orchid-2 (1).jpg

When you know something good won’t be around for long, it’s best to get your fill of it while you can. I apply this rule often to food, and always to peonies, which are right this moment in their ephemeral prime. In the winter they shrivel away to nothing, and then suddenly, they resurrect themselves; hour by hour their ruffled orbs burst open. This year, my mom’s baby pink home-grown ones are almost as big as my head. It’s now or next year, mes amis, so go get yourself some peonies!

The same general principle goes for limited edition things. Around this time last year, I discovered a product called Lip Whip from the Seattle-based natural skincare brand Kari Gran. This lip treatment combines oils and beeswax to deliver lasting hydration to the lips. I’ve used the original and cinnamon-pimenta-berry flavors for months, and now the brand has released a limited edition Radiant Lip Whip*. The new Lip Whip imparts subtle undertones of mauvey pink, soothing dry lips while adding gloss, radiance, and a hint of peppermint. Though Radiant Lip Whip is inspired by Pantone’s color of the year, radiant orchid, don't expect bright purple; this tint stays true to the original Lip Whip’s natural, easy-to-wear quality. The product also comes with a sleek, retractable lip brush, which isn’t essential for this Lip Whip but will certainly come in handy for on-the-go applications and trickier lip pigments.

Kari Gran products are handmade in a loft in Seattle using natural, high-quality and responsibly sourced ingredients. You can find them online at I’m not sure how long Kari Gran plans to stock this, so if you’re interested, I suggest doing as you do with peonies and getting one before they’re gone.

*PR Sample