Wallace Falls


A few photos from last weekend's hike at Wallace Falls State Park. The main attraction is a series of waterfalls, labeled Lower, Middle, and Upper, which thread through a mountain dense with evergreens and mossy canopies. Though the park is just an hour's drive from Seattle, it feels much further away; as soon as you enter, all you can see is forest and river for miles. At the trailhead is a sign that quotes Wordsworth: "Come forth into the light of things. Let nature be your teacher."

After a couple hours of hiking, we stopped at a lookout over the Skykomish River valley, where we snacked on trail mix and listened to the roar of the waterfalls below. Just breathing the air at the top of our climb felt so refreshing. I found it impossible to capture the vastness of everything with my 50mm lens: the longest waterfall is 265 feet, and you can only stand back so much on a narrow, crowded trail. Okay, the truth is that I almost never take landscape photos, so I need practice. Here's to more adventures and the start of a learning curve!