September is one of my favorite months of the year. I love the transformation of colors, the anticipation of shorter, cozier nights, and that fresh, back-to-school feeling I still associate with unsharpened pencils and new boots. During the rest of this month, I want to write more and explore new places with a camera in hand. I'm determined to impose a bit more order on the chaos that is my inbox (current status: 11,935 emails, 1 unread from Yelp re. "Seattle's food truck frenzy"). And I'm going to spend some time sweating it out in the hot yoga studio because I bought a Groupon for one month of unlimited classes, and thanks to my excellent procrastination skills, I have one week left to use it.

So far in September: I celebrated the harvest moon (aka Chuseok, aka Korean Thanksgiving) by feasting on mochi, kimbap, moon cakes, and Malbec. I've spent many an evening reading the archives of McSweeney's and watching Dexter. I decided to focus on fewer things but step outside of my comfort zone more often. And yesterday, I had this conversation with one of my students, who is four years old:

Me: "Do you like cake?"
Her: "Yes!"
Me: "What kind of cake do you like?"
Her: "Rapunzel cake!"
Me: "What's Rapunzel cake?"
Her: "She has hair all the way down to the floor!"

I hope your September is going well!