Happy March! I spent the last day of February writing greetings for a certain holiday that occurred two weeks ago. Better late than never, right? The cards in the photo are by the lovely and talented Laura Uy. I discovered Laura through social media and finally made a purchase from her Etsy shop Art + Soul: the two cards above, plus this one for my Valentine. Laura's cards feature adorable illustrations and witty puns; there are even Lord of the Rings cards for your loved ones, featuring Gollum ("You are my precious") and Gimli ("Gimli all your love"), among other characters. To see more of Laura's art, follow her on Instagram @artandsoulcreativeco

If you love Rome and Italian food, you will enjoy the blog Parla Food. Katie shares her knowledge of Roman history, food, and culture through well-researched posts and videos. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of her book Really Roman and wishing in the meantime that I could teleport to Rome for a steaming bowl of Cacio e Pepe. (And che coincidenza, I heard Katie Parla on NPR this morning!) While we're on the subject of food blogs, in case you haven't already, you should go get inspired by the beautiful photography of Local Milk and Artful Desperado

In February I started doing the ballet-inspired workout Ballet Beautiful, which I refer to as the "Black Swan workout" because Mary Helen Bowers was Natalie Portman's trainer for the film. I danced on and off for years, and although I consider myself to be in fairly good shape, this gets my muscles burning. 

Renee Engeln's TED Talk on "beauty sickness" resonated with me. She's a good speaker, and what she has to say is so important. 

And for posterity's sake, I have to include the social media controversy you've all seen by now: is it blue and black or white and gold? I saw white and gold at first glance; then I looked away, looked back, and saw blue and black, unmistakably. I don't even understand how I saw white and gold before. What do you see?