From my bookmarks folder to you: some recent favorite reads around the web. Have a good weekend, and to all my stateside friends, have a safe and happy fourth! 

- This mini-documentary on the Aibo, Sony's discontinued robotic dog, begs the question: can you love a machine like you love a living being? 
- On Taylor Swift's perfectly passive-aggressive lyrics
- Now's the time for summer reading lists galore: TED recommendations, an infographic on what to read by where you're vacationing, and a few more picks on Amaris's blog.
- Be a better altruist
- New research suggests that there are at least four types of introversion, and you may have all four in varying strengths. (I scored highest on "thinking" introvert, and apparently so would Luna Lovegood...)
Seven myths of Silicon Valley, busted.
- Why should we read literature that offends us?
- Christoph Niemann turns everyday objects into clever mixed media art
- It's easy to feel cynical when you click 'View All Comments'. However, on rare occasions, I get as much from the comments section as from the article itself. 

What have you been reading lately?