Oh, hello. As you may have noticed, it's been a while since my last post! During this time, I’ve been hard at work on Operation Find My Path In Life, which has involved acknowledging that a) I've failed to fulfil my childhood dream of becoming an egyptologist à la Rachel Weisz in The Mummy, and b) my childhood backup plan, becoming a teacher, turned out to be my true calling. I have also realized that, as an introvert in an overwhelmingly extroverted field, I am in need of a quiet, creative outlet after work. So here I am, back in my internet corner. 

That said, I'm making some big changes to this space. In many ways, I've outgrown this blog in its current form, which I started in my late adolescence with no clear purpose in mind. The blog I once wrote wasn't the sort of blog I wanted to keep writing, but whenever I tried to change directions, I kept getting held back by a sense of obligation to the past. After a long break from this space, now feels like the right time to take the plunge and turn this blog into something new. 

If you look through my recent posts (which are, admittedly, not that recent), you'll notice a shift in focus towards a topic I love to write about: books. For a long time now, I've wanted to create a space to record and share my thoughts about what I'm reading. I've decided to turn this blog into just that: a blog (mostly) about books and my personal reflections on them. I'm hesitant to call it a "book blog," because that phrase makes me think of a blog purely dedicated to book reviews, which isn't exactly my intention. But more on the details soon. Next week, you will see that this space has a new name and design, and I will tell you more about what to expect! 

I realize that not everyone who once read here will be interested in my new blog, and that's okay. In fact, part of me is wondering right now, is anyone even still here to read this message? But if you make your way back to this space and stick around for the changes, I really look forward to reconnecting with you. Here's to the conclusion of one chapter... and the start of a new one!

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