Welcome to Bookish Types

Hello and welcome to my updated internet corner! I've been dreaming up this new blog for quite some time, and it's exciting and liberating to take the plunge and share it with you! Bookish Types is a blog mostly about books, one of my chief obsessions in life. The impetus to create it is basically summed up in the words of the author J. G. Ballard: "Be faithful to your obsessions." Also relevant: the popular wisdom treat yo'self, which I seem to tell myself every time I enter a bookstore. 

Reading and journaling have always gone hand in hand for me. I find that I think more deeply about what I'm reading when I take the time to write about it. Thus, my motivation to share my reflections on what I'm reading is somewhat self-indulgent. But a blog is something shared with others, and just as I find value in creating this space, I hope that others find value in reading it. Books have their most profound impact when we are willing to be vulnerable as readers -- to experience our deepest emotions and see ourselves more honestly. The private experience of reading invites such vulnerability; a public space, like a blog, often does not. I hope to use books as a means of talking about life, especially life's vulnerable moments. And eventually, I hope to use books as a means of connecting to others, and to explore the unique ways in which books shape our lives.

I will be keeping two ongoing lists on this blog: my current reading list, and an archive of the books I've written about. Please bear with me as I continue to make lingering fixes to the new website. Finally, I understand that some of you who subscribed to this blog in its previous form won't be as interested in its reincarnation. That's okay. You can subscribe or unsubscribe here. Happy reading!