Bedtime Snapshot

Bedtime with two of the best foot-warmers around. I got the socks at a Korean market last fall, shortly after I had moved back to the states. I was in need of a happy boost (make that a double). My five-year-old self would have loved these socks, but I distinctly remember a time in my teens when my mom bought me cutesy socks, and I loved them but I told myself I was too old to wear stuff like that, so I never opened them. What can I say, I was foolish and I've come full circle. Or maybe I still have some growing up to do... or maybe I'll just never outgrow this obsession. In the meantime, looking down at my Hello Kitty-adorned feet is good amusement.

In other news, I have three days off in a row this week, which hasn't happened since before Christmas. I have no plans (yet) but I can't wait!