Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap

Once upon a time there was a soapmaker who devised a plan for world peace and promoted it on his soapboxes (literally). He was arrested while preaching his vision and committed to a mental institution. Then he escaped and made it big during the sixties. This man is Dr. Bronner, and his claim to fame is Pure Castile Liquid "Magic Soap."

This is no ordinary soap. If you've ever seen it before, you'll know that the packaging is covered in what appears to be excerpts from a hippie bible, Dr. Bronner's "Moral ABCs." But the reason why I'm on my second bottle of this stuff isn't world peace but the ingredients list... it's so pure. "Castile Soap" is soap that is vegetable-oil based, and as you might be able to read on the packaging, Dr. Bronner's version contains moisturizing coconut, olive, hemp and jojoba oils. The consistency is watery when you first pour it onto a loofah, but even though it's sulfate-free, it lathers a lot due to the coconut oil. All of the ingredients are certified organic and fair trade. It comes in different fragrances (I've tried two, Rose and Almond) and it's affordable; a 16oz bottle retails for about $10 at Whole Foods. According to Dr. Bronner's original description, there are 18 different uses for the soap, including toothpaste-substitute... I stick to using it as a body wash!

Telling you why I like this soap seems boring in comparison to the stories behind it, which you can read more about here and here.