Pastries + Polishes

My working schedule at the moment leaves me with quite a few Tuesdays off. It's easy to get sidetracked on a Tuesday and "accidentally" spend hours watching a marathon of the guiltiest-pleasure TV show I can find, but yesterday I decided to be good, and three missions were accomplished. I went to hot yoga in the morning, I made a stop at the drugstore for cotton rounds and Revlon polish, and I paid a visit to a nearby French bakery and bought one macaron in every flavor! I couldn't resist the pistachio before photographing (they're all gone now... ssh!). 

The nail polishes I picked up are "Nude Beige" from the ColorStay line and "Provoke" from the Brilliant Strength line, which I haven't heard much about. I couldn't resist painting my nails with "Provoke" when I got home, and it is the perfect creamsicle-coral shade! More on those goodies soon.