Weekend Reading

If you're like me and you do your leisurely reading with a mug of coffee in hand, you'll be happy to read about why coffee is good for you. As if I needed any more justification for my early morning cuppa...

This week I plan to clean out my closet, following Garance's "Commandments of Style." My closet houses at least a few items that I bought on a whim and will never wear again. It takes a few mistakes to know what works for you, but now I've learned my lesson: no matter how cute that yellow number looks on the mannequin, it shouldn't come home with me.

I've discovered a treasure trove of cuteness at the Seattle-based online store Mochi Things. I played the "let's fill an imaginary shopping cart with things I want!" game and emptied said cart at around $235.46 because things were getting out of control! Not that most things on there are very expensive.... there was just that much stuff I wanted. I exercised some self-restraint and now there's just one thing I need would rather not live without to get my cuteness fix. To be continued...

If you don't know what a "promposal" is, you need to read this article, and watch the accompanying YouTube videos. If I had been promposed to back in the day, I would have been 1) mortified and 2) the worst prom-zilla ever, because I was the girl whose mom found her gown the day before prom for $30. (And prom was still amazing!)

Also loving... George's writing, Sarah's channel, and Sonia's photography. Go check out these creative people!

PS: I found my Kindle. I'm currently on the hunt for a nonfiction book to read... suggestions please!