YSL "Le Orange"

I don't have many rules when I go lipstick shopping, except for this one: don't buy a lipstick just because it looks good on {insert famous person here}. Yes, I'm referring to a specific mishap: I sported Kim Kardashian's signature "Angel" by MAC for at least two months before admitting to myself that it made me look like I was going into hypothermia. 

One day my coworker told me I needed YSL's Rouge Pur Couture #13, called "Le Orange." A quick google search on my phone pulled up about 293 photos of Kourtney Kardashian wearing this lipstick, which is (so she tweeted) her signature color. With my cardinal rule of lipstick-buying in mind, off I trotted to the YSL counter, bracing myself for the Kardashian-lipstick-disaster, part two. 

Fast-forward to now and "Le Orange" has become the lipstick I want to wear every single day in the summer months. Okay, it doesn't make me look like a Kardashian, but a quick sweep does brighten up a simple daytime or evening look. The vibrant orangey-red pout is best paired with neutral eyes and subtly bronzed and rosy cheeks. I love wearing this with Essie's "Meet Me At Sunset" on my nails; the color of this polish matches the lipstick perfectly. If you're scared of the orange lip trend, I recommend this lipstick: it has just enough orange to make it not red but just enough red to make it wearable. I think it also suits just about every skin tone.

This lipstick is $35 from Sephora or your local department store. Pricey, yes, but of all the lipsticks I've tried, YSL makes the crème de la crème: best in terms of color payoff, wear and lasting power. I have one other Rouge Pur Couture, the deep reddish-fuchsia #31, which has been my signature winter lip color for two consecutive winters. Now I have my summertime equivalent...