Sailor's Knot Studs

Last month I almost purchased these Kate Spade sailor's knot studs. I was searching for a simple alternative to my favorite hand-me-down pearl earrings, and these ones looked like something I'd wear dressed up and down, over and over again. I didn't have a good excuse to treat myself, so I passed them by. But don't worry, they found a way back into my life; my super generous brother, who had no idea I was eyeing them, gave them to me for my birthday! I thought I'd share them here because they're current season.

I'm pretty minimalist when it comes to jewellery; I like classic, subtle pieces. I did a bit of searching and found these in silver and gold, though I'm very happy with the silver option because it matches my other everyday jewellery. The other great thing about them is that there's no true "right-side up," so it's totally fine if they get twisted around during the day.