Brunch at Flora

Earlier this week I had brunch at Flora Cafe with some of my old high school besties. A wedding brought us all together in Seattle, so we gathered to celebrate the bride, finish last-minute plans and catch up over a delicious meal. It's funny how years have passed since the days of prom and passing notes in pre-calculus class, but we can pick up more or less where we left off. Over two days we packed in as much as possible: we exchanged stories of graduations and cross-country moves, pooled together our makeup stashes for the bride, traded book recommendations, and hedged bets about who will reach mommyhood first (consensus was reached: it won't happen anytime soon!).

One of the things that makes us so close is that we can relate to each other's quirks, even when they border on flaws. Some of us, myself included, haven't been great about keeping in touch. Part of the reason is distance, but another part is that (as a friend put it, and I totally empathize) when things get stressful, we tend to retreat into our own little worlds and narrow our circles of contact. It's not a great coping strategy... we agreed to ditch it. I'm so grateful for all that we still have in common, and I hope we stay close even though we live far apart.

Flora Cafe was the perfect place for our reunion. It's a vegetarian restaurant that skips the meat without skimping on decadence. We started off by splitting a cinnamon roll topped with candied pecans. I also had the "French Dip" (made from portobello mushrooms) and a huge side of yam fries with cayenne aioli, which I can't stop craving.