Kari Gran Tinted Lip Whip

Kari Gran's Lip Whip has become one of my bedtime rituals: ever since I witnessed how much it soothed and healed my chapped lips, I slather it on before snoozing. What's left of my original, peppermint version lives on my nightstand, but now I have a fresh pot in a new flavor to sustain my addiction all day long: Kari Gran's Tinted Lip Whip in Cinnamon Pimenta Berry*. This buttery, rosy swirl has the same moisturizing properties as the original version, but it also delivers a tiny pinch of pink and a spicy, reviving aroma. 

Founded in 2011, Kari Gran is part of a growing niche called "eco-luxe," a label designating natural, organic products with the same luxurious feel as offerings from mainstream high-end brands but without any nasty chemicals. Kari herself was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disorder, and when she took a look at the products she was using, she realized just how many toxins they contained. After struggling to find healthy alternatives that fit a luxury aesthetic, she developed her own skincare line, which is all-natural, organic and non-GMO and incorporates plant and essential oils. The more I read about natural skincare, the more I'm convinced by the brand's philosophy: the long term benefits of nourishing your skin with safe, gentle ingredients outweigh the short term benefits of using harsh ingredients to get fast results.

I started using the original Lip Whip, a clear, minty balm, after a product that was too harsh left my skin (and especially my lips) extremely dry. When nothing else in my stash seemed to work, Lip Whip made a dramatic difference, and within a week my lips were restored. (Just goes to show that natural products can deliver immediate results!) I find that some lip balms are too thick to wear during the day or underneath lipstick, but Lip Whip is one of the smoothest balms I've tried; it looks just as lightweight as a gloss but hydrates for hours.

The Tinted Lip Whip in Cinnamon-Pimenta Berry is just as nourishing as the original, but it also imparts a barely-there boost of color as well as a slight shimmer. Its warm, spicy scent of cinnamon & allspice (pimenta) reminds me of my favorite cup of chai tea. Lately I've been keeping the sleek black pot on my desk, and whenever I apply it I feel like I'm getting a mini whiff of aromatherapy. It's quite a seductive fragrance too, so if you're looking for a lip balm that won't be off-putting to a significant other who tries to steal a smooch... this is it.

Kari Gran Lip Whip is $15 for a 7ml pot. You can find more information about Kari Gran and shop the brand's skincare and makeup products on the Kari Gran website.

*PR Sample

PS... Ingredients: organic castor seed oil, organic beeswax, organic sunflower oil, organic camellia seed oil, organic olive, sunflower & calendula oil, mica, titanium dioxide, carmine, tocopherol (non GMO vitamin E from sunflower), wildharvested pimenta berry oil and organic cinnamon bark oil.