This Week in Details

Some of my favorite posts to read are weekly photo diaries. They satisfy my (nosy but) very human curiosity about how other people see the world and what moments have made a difference in their week. (Also, food pictures.) My own photo diaries have been an on-and-off affair, but now that I've been toting my camera around more often, I've decided to bring them back as a new series called "This Week In Details." I'll post them on Sundays, fingers crossed. So, here are the little details that made my week, this week.

1. Blackberries in sparkling water. My new favorite aperitif with no sugar added.

2. Hanging art fixture at the Seattle Opera House. I went to see Die Walküre, and I spent a lot of time staring at it because there were two half-hour intermissions!

3. A baking break to de-stress while whipping up breakfast, banana chocolate chip muffins. I made banana bread the last time the bananas got too ripe, so I decided to try something new. This recipe is a cinch, and even though it's butter-free, they were rich and moist. As you can see, I'm a messy baker. I love these silicon muffin cups because they're reusable and non-stick!  

4. Looking up at the Space Needle.

5. This little guy. Today I ventured out with my family to the Evergreen State Fair. I'll share more photos soon, but this bunny stole my heart and I want one in my arms, now, please. And yes, he is climbing on top of his siblings to sniff out his admirers!