Earbud Donut

I bring my earphones with me almost everywhere I go, and by the end of the day they usually end up in a giant tangle at the bottom of my handbag. Yesterday I found a cute gadget to keep them knot-free! I needed to break a $5 bill, so I headed to Daiso (basically a Japanese dollar store). That's where I found this Donut Earphone Holder. You wind the cord around the core in the center, so it stays neatly coiled and protected from any damage. Now my earphones get some extra TLC, and I'm definitely not opposed to having a bite-size donut dangling from the base of my phone as I listen to my favorite autumn playlists.

The donut came in a pack of two for just $1.50. The other one, chocolate + vanilla, went to my sister... friendship donuts! PS: if you're willing to splurge, you can find a similar item at MochiThings. I'm eyeing the teddybear one.