Snail Mail

I was so grateful for some extra time in my PJs today! I'm pretty sure that at the first sign of colder weather, my body prepares for hibernation, because lately I've been pressing the snooze button as many times as possible before prying myself out of bed. This morning I took extra time to stay cozy and write a letter on some stationery I found in my desk.

The sealing wax and stamp were gifts from a long time ago that I used for the very first time today. As you can see, my first attempt was totally upside-down, but hey, it felt pretty darn official, and I was just proud that I melted the wax without scorching the envelope! Actually, sealing wax is pretty easy to use. Just light a match, melt the tip of the wax stick, swirl it around on the envelope and press the stamp. The perfect finishing touch for good old-fashioned snail mail.