My Warmest Gloves

I can't decide if leather gloves make me look chic or villainous, but one thing is certain: they're the best way to keep my hands from going numb in the cold. I suffer from Raynaud's phenomenon, which is basically a fancy way of saying that when it's cold outside, my hands lose circulation, and my fingertips turn numb and ghostly white. (I know, creepiest party trick ever, right?) It doesn't help that my fingers are mini (my ring finger is a size 3, or UK size F). Warm gloves are an absolute necessity, and although leather isn't everyone's cup of tea, they're the only ones that prevent my hands from freezing. If you're willing to splurge a little for the sake of warm fingers, I highly recommend these ones by Fownes Brothers, especially if you have little hands. They're cashmere-lined and "tech-savvy," i.e. you can use a touch-screen device with them on. I would say they fit like a glove, but isn't that a tautology, or something?

PS: My beloved iPhone case is by Rifle Paper Co., and you can see their current collection of cases here. I'm this close to ordering the Meow one. >^..^<