December Favorites


It's still December in my time zone, so I thought I'd squeeze in a quick post to tell you about some things I've been enjoying throughout the month. Soon I'll be ringing in the new year, so I'll make this short and sweet!

Skincare favorites this month include the derma e Evenly Radiant Cleanser and Toner, which I found on sale at my local Whole Foods. These affordable, natural products suit all skin types, including sensitive skins like my own. The cleanser is especially effective: it foams gently and removes my makeup. The Caudalie Beauty Elixir has also earned a place in my morning skincare routine. After forgetting about it for a few months, I've become re-addicted to it and spritzed out the last drops this morning.

To moisturize post-shower, I've been using The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Butter, which has the most comforting scent. I've also been applying the Royal Apothic Hand Creme in "Holland Park" religiously. Its delicate floral scent is a hit; numerous people have asked me what perfume I'm wearing when the only fragrance on me is this. And for a touch of glitz around Christmas, I layered Essie's A Cut Above over Essie's Ballet Slippers. You can see the result on my Instagram here... it was very festive, even though the glitter took a little patience to remove!

During the holiday season I relaxed with family and made the most of extra free time. I've really enjoyed reading The Emperor of Scent, which I mentioned in my last weekend reading post. In December I also discovered the blog Carnet Prune; Angéline takes beautiful pictures, and anyone interested in French skincare will love posts like this one. I went to the cinema twice in a week to see The Hobbit Part II (okay) and Frozen (amazing). In other (rather shocking) news, I've been diligent about working out, and these Nike gloves not only make lifting more comfortable but also make me feel like a superhero.

I'm off for champagne and feasting... Happy New Year everyone!