DIY Advent Calendar

My advent calendar is finally complete! Better late than never, right? As I mentioned last weekend, I decided to create the "Geometric Tree Advent Calendar" featured on the Etsy blog; it appealed to me because it was cute, inexpensive and very simple. After cutting the green card stock and scribbling numbers with a gold Sharpie (should have used a stencil, but I was lazy), I assembled the pyramidal trees and stuffed them with goodies from World Market. My friends, if you're in the US and you need to find Kinder chocolates and other European delights, this is the place to go. The bigger trees fit at least a few chocolates inside, and I have no idea who's going to eat them all. Again, full credit to the design goes to the Etsy shop Pygmy Cloud... thank you so much for the fun project!

This week has been a bit crazy and also freezing cold. The good news is that 1) a chance of snow is in the forecast and 2) I'll have a little more time on my hands starting later this week, so I can finally get cracking on holiday festivities! If you have any festive DIY projects, please share :)