Biafine ACT


Biafine ACT is one of my favorite French skincare products. Though it's not as well-known outside of France as other pharmacie finds, it has saved my skin on multiple occasions. Biafine and Biafine ACT (the less intensive version) are used to treat dry skin, sunburns, minor abrasions, post-surgical scarring and irritation from facial treatments. It works by increasing the amount of macrophage cells, which destroy bacteria and eliminate damaged tissue while stimulating collagen repair and healthy skin. The active ingredients include avocado oil and trolamine (triethanolamine, an emulsifier and pH-balancer). It has a very distinctive herbal smell, which (though it's not the best smell ever) I've come to associate with soothed skin!

To supplement my skincare routine, I've been using Biafine ACT on patches of dry skin around my nose or mouth; on days when my skin feels particularly dehydrated or irritated, I apply it all over as a face mask or overnight treatment. Apparently, one former Miss France does a Biafine face mask almost every night! It leaves my skin feeling smoother and regenerated, and although it's thick, it doesn't clog my pores. I also find it calms my skin if I've overdone it on spot treatments or chemical exfoliants.

There's a good reason why everyone in my French family has a tube of this stuff. Luckily, Biafine is easy to get on Amazon (USA) and eBay (UK). One big tube is affordable and lasts for a very long time.