Weekend Ingredients


This weekend has confirmed that I'm a happier and more productive individual when the sun is out. As much as I love the changes in seasons, a large part of me remains true to my LA roots and perfectly content to see the sun at least 325 days per year. Today's menu includes a fair bit of work (and also, banana-carrot muffins and "healthy cheetos," mmm), but here are a few cheap thrills and simple pleasures I'm enjoying as I beg the sun to stick around...

1) Loverly new socks and almond milk hand cream

2) My planner (which I've resolved to use religiously) and a crisp new notebook for blog post planning

3) This month's Vogue and The Goldfinch (still, I know, but it's 771 pages long)

4) Mineral sunscreen and $5 sunnies, for the first time in forever (is it bad that every time I say that phrase I want to sing the Frozen song?)

What have you been up to?

SunglassesForever 21; Hand Cream, Burt's Bees; Sunscreen, MyChelle Dermaceuticals; Socks, Forever21; Magazine, Vogue; Notebook, DaisoThe Goldfinch by Donna Tartt; Planner, Mochi Things