Health Kicks


Feeling my best means taking extra good care of my health. But I tend to go through phases with health kicks, mostly because I'm the queen of making excuses: I'm too tired (from resting...), it's raining (the gym is indoors...), croissants are a vital food group ("Is butter a carb?"). My goal this year is to sustain my current health kick for the long run, and here are a few things that I've been finding helpful so far.

The Kicks
When I'm busy or stressed, exercise is the first thing I strike from my schedule. But, whenever I make time for exercise, I actually get more done: that hour or so at the gym (or even 20 minutes of a Jillian Michaels DVD, arriving any day now at my doorstep) gives me a boost of productivity that lasts all day. I finally bought a new pair of workout shoes, Nike Frees, and yes, they're everything everyone told me they would be. They're so much lighter than the average running shoe and provide great traction; I'm set on ordering a black pair and mastering that sporty-chic look!

The Eats
I first experimented with Mark Bittman's Vegan Before 6 diet last year. I love food way too much to "diet," but VB6 isn't about restricting yourself: you just shift the balance so the majority of what you consume is plant-based. The premise is to eat a vegan diet (also, no sugar or white bread) from when you wake up until dinner, and then for dinner eat whatever you please. Eating this way, while maintaining room for flexibility, works well for me. Healthy eating also leads to some new food discoveries: did you know mulberry tea is proven to regulate blood sugar? (It has a very mild flavor as long as you don't over-steep it... trust me...)

The Apps
I use a couple of (free!) apps on my phone to keep me on track. Waterlogged is, as the name suggests, a log in which you record how much water you drink per day. Your goal is to fill the waterbottle bar-graph each day with 64 oz (8 glasses). I've also been addicted to the 8tracks app, which gives me access to unlimited workout playlists at the gym.

Anyone else working towards better health?