Berkeley Grandma

This weekend will be filled with family time, partly because it's a holiday, but mostly because earlier this week, my sweet grandma passed away. Though she lived a very long life, losing her still seemed a little unexpected to me. It's hard to get used to the idea that she is no longer with us.

Every day I've been recollecting the best memories of my grandma. "Berkeley Grandma" loved taking care of others. She was the kind of person who risked burnt fingertips to make Norwegian krumkake for the family every Christmas. Later, when I moved to California for school, she invited me to stay with her when I felt homesick (which was, in the beginning, all the time!). She was an early riser who always ate Cheerios with a sprinkle of sugar for breakfast, and she pronounced "white" with an "hw" instead of a "wh." These are the sorts of details that I want to remember for a very long time. Luckily, way before my blogging days, I kept journals, and my grandma appears frequently in them.

Thanks for sticking with me in spite of my silence lately. It was important for me to take a pause. The usual posts will resume soon!