Weekend Reading

It has been a week of good finds: in addition to snatching up a dreamy spring jacket from Topshop, I've been constantly inspired by reads around the web. So I decided it's time for another installment of weekend reading: blogs and other articles hand-picked by yours truly (and a certain croissant-sniffing hound). I'm crossing my fingers and resolving to write these posts on a biweekly basis; they're a perfect excuse to share the random treasures in my bookmarks folder. Enjoy!

Cocorrina, my current blog crush, created by blogger/graphic designer Corina. She lives in paradise, aka on the Greek island Kefalonia, and her blog reads like a journal of creative ideas and beautiful images.
Dejhana's flawless take on double winged liner.
A reflection on love and my favorite movie star couple.
Rosie's recipe for brown sugar and ginger salmon, craving it with udon noodles now.
All of the outfits on Hello It's Valentine. My style is mostly monochrome, but sometimes I catch myself wishing for Valentine's whimsical wardrobe (and effortless short hair). She also has a cat named Batman. Need I say more?
This essay on the profound impact of Disney movies on one child's life.

Any links to share? Leave them below!