DIY Sugar Scrub

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This weekend I finally whipped up my very own sugar scrub. This is probably the simplest beauty DIY ever: just five minutes of stirring creates an all-natural exfoliant for chapped lips and dry skin. I made this little jar specifically for my lips, but the same recipe would work well as a moisturizing body scrub.

I decided to use coconut oil (over olive oil, for instance) because it's a bit thicker, giving the scrub a rich, buttery texture that isn't runny. I'm also a huge fan of the sweet, nutty scent.

Coconut Sugar Scrub

1 tablespoon of coconut oil
1 tablespoon of honey
3 tablespoons of sugar
(Optional: a few drops of vanilla extract)
+ a small jar

Mix the coconut oil and honey until they are fully combined. Then add the sugar and stir until the mixture is thick and gritty. I added sugar incrementally until the consistency seemed just right, but in general, I'd recommend around 3 parts sugar to 2 parts coconut oil + honey. At this point, you can also add a few drops of vanilla extract to make the scrub smell even more delicious. Then transfer the mixture to your jar. The proportions above are generous; after filling my little jar I had leftovers, which I've saved in the refrigerator to use as a body scrub. And speaking of refrigerators, coconut oil solidifies at cooler temperatures, so if that happens, just stick the jar in a bowl of very warm water. It will regain its original consistency.

I'm using this most mornings (especially before I wear lipstick); it polishes away any dryness and leaves my lips feeling moisturized even after I've rinsed it off. In the past, I've purchased pre-made lip scrubs, but this one is just as effective and less costly.

Have you ever made your own sugar scrub? Let me know what ingredients you used!